The media perspective

Jane Wrightson

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Buy that NZ subscription, that paywall pass or Press Patron donation, to support quality NZ journalism - or clickbait will prevail. Donate to tiny sites like E-Tangata where you’ll find some of the richest writing around from Maori and Pacific people; or The Spinoff where you find thinking young New Zealanders.



Speak positively about initiatives like the protocols document all NZ news heads have signed, agreeing boundaries for the trial coverage next year. This is unprecedented (the globals will ignore it; others will argue it offends freedom of speech- the usual argument made when insulting others)



Use social media elegantly, on issues that matter, to draw attention when white views are too prominent – and Like Like Like when a brave, thoughtful view is posted




Use the complaints processes through the NZ Media Council – en masse. Numbers matter and media hate being pinged.


Lobby for more diverse women – and men – on air, in print, and in executive roles. And then lobby and support them.



And of course help us at NZ On Air, the only NZ media body specially charged with adding media diversity, by supporting us and spreading the word about more content than you know – check out our Watch and Listen page on our website – and think about using your comms or outreach budgets to partner with us to make more quality content illustrating diversity in action.