The Global Women Members’ Hui in May 2019 sparked connections, learning and inspiration.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s take action.


The future of leadership in a diverse New Zealand.

Why did the Hui Committee choose this topic? Because future-proofing matters more than ever. Technology is changing the way we live and work at warp speed. And while the top earners thrive, the New Zealand inequality gap is growing, leaving many kiwis without the means to follow their dreams.

It’s time to face some uncomfortable truths. It’s time to have open conversations. And it’s time to take action, as individuals and as a collective.



“We’re an incredibly strong group of women. The time is right. Let’s get stroppy. Let’s create the world we want to see.”




Take Action


From volunteering in an advisory role for a charity to joining a political working group, to speaking up when you see discrimination, the Hui brought to life myriad ways we can drive change.

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Dive Deeper

During the 2019 Hui our speakers shared books, articles, interviews and videos to spark learning, connection and inspiration. We’ve collated these resources into one handy list for you to explore.

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